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A collaborative approach


Getting the details right, up front, is key to ensuring the outcome is what you want. To this end we use a truly holistic approach, partnering very closely with top tier architects and interior design professionals to ensure beauty and functionality. One of the many advantages of PWR is that we work with those professionals of your choosing, or we can recommend trusted options for you to consider. You benefit from our long-standing relationships with top tier architects, designers, engineers and trades of every kind. 


What sets PWR apart is that we invest ourselves deeply in the process of building the most important place on earth — your home. Our dedication to understanding our client’s needs throughout the process is ever apparent. From the integrated design phase through every step of construction until the completion of your dream home.

Communication is key every step along the way. Equally important is our unique ability to bring together the right resources, at the right time ensuring maximum efficiency, quality, cleanliness and safety. Homeowners, tradespeople, neighbours and building inspectors often comment on the pristine nature of the work in progress.

  • Unmatched level of operational and project excellence, always embracing the values of accountability and reliability

  • We align our interests with our clients every step of the way, working tirelessly to realize your vision and make the process straightforward and worry-free

  • We view your project as a reflection upon ourselves and our business

  • We take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional results and customer experiences

  • The final product is one that is built to stand the test of time and that will delight and impress family and visitors alike for generations to come


The PWR of Experience

It’s a complicated home with radiant heat throughout the house and extensive wiring for the sound system. We have a great outdoor living space and Peter envisioned and sourced screens on remotes to facilitate a bug-free experience. Every detail was well thought out and the house came together perfectly for our move-in date. Peter paid very close attention to the financials and we appreciated the way he was in touch with us on all aspects.

Our Process

Full Control

Your approved plans drive the budget and timing – whether it’s complex or more straightforward in nature – it’s all driven by you and your vision.


We’ve found our clients prefer a cost-plus system. Receipts are provided for all materials and services and PWR is paid a set agreed upon fee to ensure the project is a success.


Let the magic begin – from breaking ground through completion, full transparency and alignment on your needs and expectations ensures great memories in the making.


Get the quality relationships and expertise your home deserves