A genuine passion for quality, above all else, shows in everything Peter touches.

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Where we began

Never satisfied with status quo, Peter started in the construction business at 15 years old renovating his family’s home. No one asked him to, he just wanted more/better. Then he started working on neighbour’s homes and so it began.

Peter has built many custom homes and cottages throughout the years – his own family homes, spec building, and for many satisfied clients. 

attention to detail

While proud and appreciative of the good fortune Peter has had in his past projects, nothing excites Peter more than getting his hands on a new set of custom home/major renovation plans. He immerses himself in the details and understanding his clients needs, sourcing the right people and products to bring “the lines on a drawing” to life.

While Peter is a master at running a very tight, impeccable job site, don’t be surprised if you see a hammer in his hand from time to time. His hands-on expertise is something that sets PWR apart from other general contractors.

Over 30 years hands-on and project management experience allows for a unique and intelligent perspective and approach to understanding complex architectural designs and the ability to bring them to life.

the pwr of relationships

Peter believes in the power and value of relationships. Throughout the years we have always taken a long-term approach; building homes and forging enduring relationships with our clients that stand the test of time.

Within the first meeting client’s claim they have a genuine confidence in Peter’s knowledge, commitment and passion for their project. Common goals are established up front and communication throughout ensures the end product will be a mutual success. Deep and long-standing relationships have formed over the years such that today Peter is proud to call many of his clients “friends”. 


“While the luxury homes we build are as unique as the people who live in them, they all have one thing in common — they reflect our meticulous attention to detail, our commitment to quality craftsmanship, and results that you simply won’t find in other homes.”



The PWR of Relationships

Many people get stressed out during the building process but we didn’t find it to be that way. We worked closely with the architect Peter recommended and after a few meetings were very pleased with the design. We also engaged an interior designer. We had full trust in Peter and his team. He’s an ethical, hardworking person who truly cares about his craft. He treats all his contractors with such respect and became a good friend.
— Jan van Velzen, Unionville

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